Buffalo Author, Shondra Brown Writes a Book to Help Blacks Navigate White Privilege in the Workplace

by Jennifer Parker

Yes, there are “Karens” in the work place! Author Shondra J. Brown, a Buffalo, N.Y. nurse practitioner and blogger, has written her first book, “The Black Professional’s Guide: How to Navigate White Privilege in the Workplace” based on real life experiences and observations. In an amusing and real talk approach Shondra speaks directly to Black and Brown employees entering the changing workplace.

“As an African American supervisor and corporate employee, I have witnessed many obstacles that I believe entry level employees of color can overcome if someone who has walked their walk, spoke with honesty and shared real life experiences about navigating the workplace. I wanted to share how I worked through the frustration.”, stated Brown.

The energy and personality of the writer is felt through her words when reading her book. She writes about how we have seen Barbeque Becky’s policing Black people for enjoying life. They police us in Corporate America too! Corporate Karen and Kevin question our intelligence and test our patience. Harry Human Resources uses vague corporate verbiage to keep us in check.

This guide is the urban professional’s checkmate. Shondra provides the reader with actual work experiences written with honesty and humor as a guide for Black employees to achieve success at work by learning the rules to navigate the corporate workplace.

Race and culture, at the center of the experiences, are discussed candidly with guidance about how to successfully maneuver these explosive obstacles.

Enjoy reading the stories behind chapters such as: 

•Stay Out of the Way

•Know Your Worth

•Mind Your Own Business

•Get Up and Go to Work!

•Racism? Sure, Now Prove it

The book can be purchased on the author’s website at www.shondrasplace.com or on Amazon Books. Jennifer J. Parker, is CEOof Jackson Parker Communications.