When Schools Reopen September 8 Everyone Will Be Required to Mask Up!

According to a memo from Buffalo Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash, all students will be back to a full, five-day in-person schedule beginning Sept. 8. The district will also be a full participant in Section VI athletics.  Also, anyone inside a Buffalo school building will be required to wear a mask regardless of whether they are vaccinated. Students will be forced to maintain 3 feet separation from one another in classrooms, on buses and in cafeterias.

Masks will also be required to be worn on yellow buses.

The memo  states that  In addition to the masking requirement, the district expects all staff to be fully vaccinated.

Cafeterias may be used as long as students can maintain three feet of distance between each other when masks are removed for eating.

“We have ample PPE, sanitizer, masks, face sheilds, gowns, gloves, surface cleaning supplies, temp scanners etc,” the memo  noted. “Personal hygiene, ventilation, daily health screening for staff,” and more will be implemented the memo assured.

Testing will continue to be a regular occurrence in schools. According to the summary, 30 percent of staff and students will continue to be randomly tested each week, pursuant to current permissions.

“When all eligible citizens and children get vaccinated and adhere to sensible research-based masking protocols in public arenas, we have our best chance to protect our children and to conquer COVID and its dangerous variants,” Cash said in his letter to staff and families. “When all children and parents invest the necessary time and sustained effort toward achieving a high-quality education, they will attain it.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics has also issued recommendations  for the 2021-22 school year that include everyone older than age 2 wearing masks, regardless of vaccination status.