By Dorothy Richmond

Buffalo has been the staple for classic soul, funk, and R&B for many years. Dyke and the Blazers introduced their hit song “Funky Broadway.” Rick James and the Stone City Band put Buffalo on the map. Throughout the 80’s local bands such as Traffic Jam entertained the city every weekend. Many who grew up listening and entertained by these groups can only get a taste of the “Good Old Days” during the summer months with outdoor concerts.

NUMUZIK Global Media Group Founder and CEO Freddy Shyy

NuMuzik’s CEO and founder Freddy Shyy, wants to change that by bringing back classic soul, funk, and R&B in full production.

Shyy has earned himself veteran status in the music industry throughout the United States, Canada, UK & Singapore. As an experienced musician, music director, and studio engineer, Freddy Shyy’s continuous love for music has set him on a different path where he wants to reintroduce the experience of classic soul, not only to the ones who grew up a part of it, but with this new generation.

“The templet that was set by classic soul is lost to this new generation,” Freddy explains.  “The emotions you felt after experiencing a concert or hearing classic soul is lost. I want to bring that back. I want to teach young artists how to master that templet of old and project that emotion in their music.  I am planning to implement a media program to teach kids artistry, music production, as well as video production.”

In June, NuMuzik released its first video “Never End” where it is being streamed on all media platforms, as well as on the international platform through WDAP radio, hosted by Buffalo’s own David Allen. The video can be seen on YouTube.

Continuing to work with groups such as The Original Stone City Band and Canadian artist Alex Price, who was recently signed by R&B singer Neo, along with his own experience, the blueprint is there to rebuild the nostalgia of great music once again.

You can find Freddy hard at work at his office located at 50 Fountain Plaza and at his media center located at 567 Exchange St.