Summer InThe City: Fathering Through Basketball

Images and Story by A. Dorcely

above: D.A.D.S. Coaches  Dwayne Ferguson, Brandon Parker, Mark Smith and David Smiley  pictured above with this years summer basketball program and tournament participants (age groups 7-9, 10-12 and 13-15)   the tournaments run until August 25 every Monday and Wednesday in Wende Park at Spring street and Broadway.   Lets Go D.A.D.S. !   

Most of our communities have been decimated with single parent homes nationwide. These homes usually consist of single mothers trying to raise young men as well as young women. The concern though is more so with mothers (a lot of times young mothers) trying to raise men. Common sense communicates the difficulty for a parent to advise on specific gender experiences. Chronicles of broken homes in our neighborhoods over centuries has been well documented.  

Within those broken homes is the absence of Black fathers, a cycle that continues to plague the Black family. Sports can be the unifier for some families. 

 That’s where the D.A.D.S.(Dads Anointed Delivering Sons) comes in. “Basketball is the hook!” says the President and C.E.O., Dwayne Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson has been working with kids for 30 years. He teaches at School 53.

The D.A.D.S. has men from the community working in it. It’s been in existence for about six years. These men work with kids ages 7-18 from all over Buffalo in ministry, mentoring, tutoring and of course basketball. They have programs and events going on year round.













(above 2021 Summer Tournament Participants with the D.A.D.S. Program Coaches  Seeing the Through)

Mr. Ferguson mentioned the Summer Basketball Tournament and Camp as just one program. There is also a book bag giveaway, Thanksgiving Turkey Drive, Law Mentoring, an Easter Basketball Tournament as well and etc…                           

Obviously with D.A.D.S. offering so much the next logical question for any parent would be about the cost involved. Mr. Ferguson stated that they try to work with families so as not to turn any kids away. He said for all inquiries he could be reached on his phone 716-563-1834. D.A.D.S. is about giving back!  We’re a long way from regaining what we’ve lost as a people. But those of you that can,  please try and father not just your own so our kids won’t miss having a dad!!!

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