Recalling the Hatred for Black Women in Power: From Michelle Obama, to Local Female Elected Officials, to India Walton

Who among us can ever forget the venom and hate, that one of Buffalo’s most prominent developers, expressed publicly against then first  Lady, Michelle Obama? Who remembers cringing with shock and outrage, when this so called civilized man uttered the vile , racist statement, proclaiming that Mrs. Obama should be exiled, with a gorilla named Zeus, to a cave in the backwoods of Africa?

It was not just Michelle Obama, this ‘gentleman’ verbally attacked and berated. From former Buffalo Public Superintendent, Dr. Pamela A. Brown, whom this racist called incompetent, to the Black women on the board of education, who he called the Black Sistahood, this receiver of corporate welfare has made his disdain of Black woman known far and wide.

This rich developer, who grew up poor, is now one of the biggest landlords in the City of Buffalo. At one time, in the 1990s, he owned half of the real estate in the city. During this time frame, Buffalo elected four Black women to the Buffalo Common Council. They were Beverly Gray- At Large, Barbara Miller Williams- Ellicott District, Karen Ellington-Fillmore District and Betty Jean Grant- University District. This man, who I shall call Mr. Angry White Man, attacked us almost on a daily basis. I must say that I earned a portion of his wrath when I found out that he was underpaying his Garbage User Fees because the city of Buffalo was charging him a price based on address, not by the number of units or apartments located at that said address. So he went from paying $129 a year for an apartment building  to paying over $34,000.00 for each of his multi unit  buildings. I wrote the City of Buffalo Common Council resolution to charge the user fee by units and not by address and he never forgave me for that.

So now, here we are, with  India Walton, the first woman to win a Primary for Mayor of Buffalo! I can only imagine how livid Mr. Angry White Man is and I will bet the house that it was her color more than her gender that caused him to say, ” I will destroy her politically,” when Ms. Walton was declared the winner of the June 22nd Democratic Primary. He was so beside himself, that he insisted that the current mayor conduct a Write In campaign for the November General Election. And he threatened that if Byron Brown did not run on the Write In, he would do it himself! And all this happened because somebody let a diminutive, not quite 5 feet tall, hard working, powerhouse of a strong Black woman out work and out campaign him.

My advice to this man’s threat would be:”Please go ahead, Mr. Angry White Man. It has been almost 20 years since another strong, Black woman caused some of your ill gotten windfall, from the city’s garbage user fee accounting error, to be diverted from your deep pockets brimming with CDBG and poor people’s monies!