Learn Construction Skills In A Creative, Hands-On Environment Recruitment Underway For Assembly House 150 Fall SACRA Term Assembly House 105 

  Assembly House 150 (AH150) is thrilled to announce that recruitment has begun for the Fall 2021 SACRA (Society for the Advancement of Construction Related Arts) term, beginning on Monday, September 20. SACRA is a 12-week paid career training program in the construction trades that provides students with the skills necessary to enter the workforce following graduation. 

“The SACRA program is designed for people who enjoy working with their hands while contributing to real community projects. Participants build skills in the construction arts; visit worksites, architectural landmarks, and sites of public art; and gain exposure to career paths through workshops with industry experts,” said Dennis Maher, Assembly House 150 Executive Director. 

Through a hands-on project-based curriculum that is tailored to the individual needs of each student, participants gain experience in carpentry, woodworking, and construction. All participants will become skilled using hand and power tools, executing construction math, reading blueprints, and identifying and selecting materials. These lessons are supplemented by workshops lead by industry professionals at the top of their fields, covering topics such as basic framing, cabinet making, stair building, wood windows, stained glass, plaster repair, painting, electrical, with the intention of exposing students to as many opportunities as possible prior to graduation. At the conclusion of the term, SACRA facilitates job placement for the participants, using a growing network of over 70 employers in the Western New York area, enabling industry-wide placements with focuses in fine carpentry, historic restoration, rough carpentry, interior construction, and commercial construction, among others.

Recent graduates have gained employment through Hulley Woodworking, Maple Walnut Woodworks, Northwood Historic Restoration Shop, MelCo Construction, Race Sheds, and many others. 

No prior experience in construction is necessary to apply. Most SACRA participants will qualify for full tuition scholarships and receive stipends over the 12 weeks. Eligibility will be determined upon review of the application.

For more information and to schedule an interview, please call 716-560-8170 or email Rachel Eastlack, Programs Manager at reastlack@assemblyhouse150.org. To learn more about Assembly House 150, please visit us at www.assemblyhouse150.org 

About Assembly House 150 

   Assembly House 150 is an artist-led non profit art, design, and construction incubator and experimental learning center in Buffalo, NY. Founded and directed by Dennis Maher, Assembly House 150 creates inspiring, wondrous environments for all to experience the art of building.Assembly House 150 brings together tradespeople, artists, designers, architects, artisans, planner, preservationists, students, apprentices, and others to build awareness of the built environment, teach skills in design and construction, work together on impactful community projects and empower people through creative action. We use the creative fusion of diverse audiences and stakeholders to shape the planning, design, and construction of the built environment. We endeavor to build a more artful and equitable city.