“Justice for The Buffalo 5!”

Judge rules in favor of John Walker and  Darryl Boyd of The Buffalo Five in their decades long fight to prove their innocence for a crime they did not commit.

John Walker and Darryl Boyd of the “Buffalo Five,”     after decades of   trying to prove their innocence in a 1976 murder  have finally received justice.

 At press time we learned that The Honorable Christopher J. Burns’  ruled  to vacate their wrongful 1976 murder indictment (Erie County Number 41-413) and to overturn their wrongful convicted felon and parolee status.

Needless to say Walker and Boyd were overjoyed, and during a  press conference in MLK Park were still trying to process the days’ developments. “I feel good. I feel happy…I don’t  think I’ve ever been this happy, ”said John.  “But this  whole thing has taken a lot out of me,” he continued. “Ya’ll took so much away from me…so much away from my son.” 

“We did it! Collectively we did it!” said Darryl tearfully. He said he was happy that his mother “got a chance to see the victory!” “I thank God,”  his mom Thomacenia Knight said softly. “I knew it was going to be the end (of this) one day!”   

John explained that at one point there  had been a lull in their struggle,  and being exonerated seemed like a distant dream. Then the pandemic hit. The marches. George Floyd. The universal calls for justice. Indeed, justice was in the air. And what really struck home,  and inspired them to regroup and get back in the fight she said, was the Cariol Horne case.

   “Cariol Horne’s fight inspired us to start fighting again,” he said.

  At one point John said he felt like “it was now or never”; that this may have been their last chance for justice.

  Fast forward to Wednesday’s ruling. “We knew it was our time,” he said. During a  press conference  in  his downtown office later Wednesday afternoon, DA Flynn  said he “respectfully disagrees” with the judge’s decision, but that he would not appeal.

    “I posed the motions I lost. That’s the way the system works,” he stated.

    John   countered that authorities   never had a case from day one.

   “You had no blood, no footprints, no nothing  to ever connect us to this crime,” he concluded.