Judge Vacates The Buffalo 5 Convictions, Indictments And Orders New Trial: Walker And Boyd Jubilant 

CELEBRATION! A community celebration for the Buffalo 5 took place last Thursday at The Hub on Pratt street. Heroine Cariol Horne was also celebrated at the gathering.  Street Legacy Photo / Darvin Adams 

story by Sherry Sherill

Justice.  That is what the long and arduous journey to overturn the 1977 wrongful convictions of The Buffalo 5’s John Henry Walker, Jr. and Darryl Boyd has been about.

For the past 45 years, they have insisted upon their innocence and they have repeated time and time again, to anyone who would listen to them, that they had been falsely accused, and wrongly arrested, indicted, convicted, incarcerated, and subjected to parole conditions. New York State Supreme Court  Justice Christopher J. Burns, the judge who has presided in Walker’s and Boyd’s legal proceeding to have their wrongful 1977 conviction and wrongful 1976 indictment overturned, has agreed with them.

Justice Burns has VACATED Walker’s and Boyd’s convictions, he has VACATED their indictments. Burns has ordered a new trial, but Walker and Boyd say they have received assurance from Paul  Cambria, their attorney in the natter, that the new trial is a mere  formality and that the pair are well on their way toward the road to  exoneration.

To share what the next steps forward for Walker and  Boyd will entail, the pair held a press conference inside Buffalo’s MLK  Park  Wednesday, August 18, the day they got the news.  It’s been a long time coming, but a change has come for The Buffalo 5! Walker  and Boyd’s legal matter was represented by nationally renown criminal defense attorney Paul Cambria, a partner at Lipsitz Green Scime  Cambria LLP, in Buffalo.

For The Buffalo 5, this has been an  exceedingly long, exceedingly traumatic, exceedingly arduous journey, and all of it, the entire time, has been about justice. That is what this has been about.