In The Wake of The Como Crisis India Walton: “It is now crystal clear that Governor Cuomo must resign”

After state Attorney General Letitia James released the results of her 5-month civil investigation in a 165 page report concluding  that Gov. Mario Cuomo sexually harassed almost a dozen women and broke state and federal laws, presumptive mayor-elect India Walton,  released the following statement calling for the governor’s resignation.

 “If it wasn’t before, it is now crystal clear that Gov. Cuomo must resign. WNY’s own Kathy Hochul is more than ready to step into leadership and ensure that the State House is no longer a site of sexual harassment and workplace bullying. We stand with the women who have endured the mistreatment detailed in the AG’s report.

“In addition to this personnel change, we need the broader structural changes our campaign is all about. This report only highlights the urgent need for strong workplace protections and union representation for workers. And we desperately need to adopt models of justice that center the needs of survivors and provide pathways to accountability for those who have harmed others.

“When my mayoral administration starts in January, we will prioritize the safety and well-being of workers, survivors, and others who have too often been silenced and dismissed by the powerful. Throughout our campaign we have emphasized a need to build a safe, healthy Buffalo, and that is exactly what we will do through strong, decisive leadership that takes a stand against injustice”

Based on eleven accusers 179 witnesses. and 74,000 pieces of evidence. Attorney General James said, the governor used his  office to create a “climate of fear” — a characterization Cuomo hotly disputed as he showed no signs of going quietly.

James, who has previously taken on Donald Trump, stepped   into her biggest and hottest spotlight yet. The groundbreaking attorney general, who tried to keep the focus on Cuomo’s accusers declared,  “I believe them.”