George “Rad-Man” Radney is Back with the Bills Updates as the 2021 Pre- Season Kicks Off!

Yes, another Buffalo Bills football season is about to begin! But first let me acknowledge to Bills fans Jarrod, Paul aka TGK, Bobby Jones and countless others that I was wrong about Josh Allen making it in the NFL.  I still would have not signed him until after this upcoming season due to his inability to read an NFL defense. Allen took advantage of no live audiences last season and put-up MVP type numbers.

Let’s all remember that the offense could hear the defensive signal calls in those empty stadiums allowing them to make adjustments which resulted in high scoring games. If you also remember once limited amounts of fans were allowed in stadiums for playoff games Josh Allen’s  numbers dropped considerably and is a serious concern to an organization getting ready to shell out big money. It’s typical Buffalo Bills fashion  – they put the cart before  the horse. Once the season kicks off with live audiences there will be no more excuses for Allen and his teammates. The most important areas for them in upcoming pre-season games are the offensive line and run blocking. Bills have quality running backs like Devin Singletary, Zack Moss, and watch out for Antonio William’s explosiveness in between the tackles!

The Bills defeated the  Detroit Lions 16-15 in a typical preseason game with plenty of rookies on the field. Bills back up QB Davis Webb stood out with a cerebral performance,  setting up screen passes and especially very good ball fakes in the back field on the 6-yard touchdown pass to Devin Singletary. Webb most importantly did not turn the ball over and on a screen pass play that the Lions defense defended perfectly  Davis did not panic but showed poise by throwing ball towards the Bills running back in the area.  

Said Davis: “Operationally there were three throws I wish could have done better. The most beneficial for me is being with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll for three years and being able to grow with guys and work with the receivers on a daily basis. I need to work on better ball placement and accuracy. I think being around these great coaches has allowed the game to slow down for me; no sacks and trying my best to not have any negative plays.” 

Davis Webb seems to have good leadership skills while Mitchell Trubisky lacks leadership skills along with being able to move the football down the field. Our offensive line must come back into form with Dion Dawkins just now coming back from a bout with COVID – 19.  It will take some time for him to get back into game speed along with gaining his strength back.  Bills right tackle Daryl Williams looks in top condition and ready for the season. Bills guards Jon Feliciano and Cody Ford are adequate for now.  Cody’s left arm was wrapped with an arm brace   as well.  The Bills currently have 16 offensive line men on the roster so its going to be a wait and see on who actually makes the team in back up roles.  I think veteran line man Jordan Devey, Jamil Douglas, Ike Boettger, Ryan Bates, Bobby Hart (holding penalties v. Lions did not help him) along with rookie Spencer Brown will all have strong opportunities to make the roster.  It’s going to be interesting on offensive line. I will exam the  Bills defensive unit in next week’s edition.  Take care and be a good sport.

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