Don’t Believe the Hype: There’s More to the Edmunds Judicial Appointment Than Meets the Eye…

Dear Editor:

Although I congratulate Attorney David Edmunds for his recent designation, Please, Please good people, don’t be “hood winked,” fooled, or have your intelligence insulted by this recent move, by a Mayor who is so desperate to try to get in good with Black Buffalonians, that he would pull any stunt in an effort to make it look like, “he cares” about us.

With this recent appointment of Mr. Edmunds to the Buffalo City Court bench, he is attempting to do just that. But don’t have your intelligence insulted. Byron Brown has held the office of Mayor, some sixteen {16) years now. Over that time period, he has had many opportunities to appoint qualified African Americans, and more importantly, a Black male to the City Court. Although he has had many opportunities, what has he done instead?

Well, for those who may have forgotten, instead of an African American … he appointed a Ms. Susan Egan. The same Ms. Egan who, rather than an African American, he also supported in her efforts to become a County Court Judge.

He had another opportunity to appoint an African American, BUT NO, he appointed a Ms. Martoche, who he again, instead of a person of color, supported in her efforts to become a Supreme Court Judge.

He had yet, another opportunity to appoint another African American, BUT AGAIN, no … he decided to appoint Ms. Shannon Heneghan, former Counsel to Carl Paladino to the bench.

And yet once more, he had an opportunity to appoint an African American to dear editor the City Court, and rather than do the right thing, he appointed a Mr. Peter Savage. So now, with this offensive track record, four months before he is out of office, in a desperate effort to curry favor within the Black community, he designates, for only a four month period, Mr. Edmunds. I say only four months., because it is my belief that it is too late for Mr. Edmunds’ name to appear on the ballot, and another person has already been nominated and selected by the Democratic Party for the seat to which Mr. Edmunds now holds. In other words, we won’t be able to vote for Mr. Edmunds, unless Brown tries to convince him also, to run as a write in candidate. Why didn’t he appoint Mr. Edmunds’ years ago?? Simple, he didn’t need him then. He had the other man’s support, and didn’t need or care about us. Desperate times do call on desperate measures, and Byron Brown is attempting to pull out all of the stops. Mr. Edmunds would have been a great choice years ago. Mr. Edmunds would have been a great choice four appointments ago, when Black men should have been put on the bench, but now?

Mr. Edmunds is a good man, but unfortunately, he has been sucked up by the, “we will try anything now to try and convince Black folk I care about them” efforts of the Mayor. I am insulted by this effort and we all should be. Mr. Mayor, too little, way too late! I am not fooled and you still won’t have my vote. Your desperation is quite evident.

-Alonzo Jackson