Councilman Nowakowski, Assemblyman Johnson Present Over $16,000 to Beast Elite Ducks Youth Football Team

Showing love and support for the Beast Elite Ducks at Emerson Park, is Legislator Johson (4th from left) and Councimember Nowakowski (6th from left),coaches, parents and supporters. Street Legacy Photos by Darvin  Adams

On Tuesday, July 20th Fillmore District Council Member Mitch Nowakowski, along with   Legislator Howard Johnson attended a football practice for the Beast Elite Ducks at Emerson Park. 

Before the football practice began both officials presented a check for $11,000 from the Fillmore District Council Office in conjunction with $5,000 in funding from Legislator Johnson totaling over $16,000 in funds. 

Earlier this spring the youth football team’s storage hut was burglarized at Emerson Park leaving extensive damage to the team’s equipment, security systems and electronics. It was the second time in two years their hut had been burglarized. 

 At that time, both elected officials committed to helping the football team.    

“Now, more than ever, recreational sports and leagues such as the Beast Elite Ducks are needed to provide an outlet to our young people. This team provides mentorship, team and character building that is very important to this neighborhood” said Legislator Johnson. 

“I want this team know that their Council Member will stick by and support them through the sunshine and the rain. I know this funding will go to great use towards equipment for the team that is needed to play. Joining with Legislator Johnson to make this funding happen was teamwork at its best” said Council Member Nowakowski.