BaBa Eng & The Community Health Center of Buffalo To Host A Community Peace and Healing Circle

pictured above are Baba Eng and Karima Amin

On August 25th, God Willing, The Community Health Center of Buffalo, located at 34 Benwood Avenue, will host a Community Healing Circle to continue the conversation about Our Beloved Community from 1 to 4 p.m.

There is room only for 25 people in this circle, so PLEASE come early!

We will begin promptly at 1p.m. The Healing Circle is part of a series of Circles started at The Community Health Center two years ago.

The Circle will be conducted by BaBa Eng and Co-Kept by Karima Amin. Other Restorative Justice practitioners and/or adherents will be invited and are welcome to attend.

Our focus will be “Youth Voices Have Value.”

The Topics we would like to talk with our Youth about are:



3.Sexuality/Gender Boxes

4.Being Heard Our Circles are based on African Centered Restorative Justice philosophy and practices.

We will ask each young person in the circle to start the conversation by choosing one of the topics to talk about, ask questions about or just make a comment on. The circle will then proceed with those in attendance being given the opportunity of responding, for one minute, to the words of our youth.

We will use what we call the sequential model of speaking by passing a talking piece around the circle, i.e. the person next to you receives the talking piece after you have taken your turn. Our Circle will run from 1 to 4 p.m. with a break in between. We want everyone present to have the opportunity to have their voice heard, so there is limited time for each person to speak.

There will be light refreshments served. This is a Healing Circle as a beginning or continuation of processes and engagements that lead to peace for those present, even if only for the time we are together. It will not be to convince anyone that anyone else is right or wrong and there will be no conversations meant to convert anyone to someone else’s religion or way of thinking.

This is for us all to really have the opportunity to listen to each other and to be heard ourselves. Looking forward to seeing you there.