Art & Epilepsy Awareness Day

On Wednesday, August 25 the annual  Art & Epilepsy Awareness Day  Foundation fundraiser   will take place from 5-9 p.m.  at   166 Oakmont Avenue located in the heart of the Kenfield Langfield Housing development across the street from the   Martha Mitchell Community Center,

“I have epilepsy and spreading awareness is our main focus,” said Neal Mack, pictured above, who founder and host of the event (also known as the Epileptic MC). 

“ The Neal Mack Music Group, Griot Nation, Art & Epilepsy Foundation is dedicated to reaching people from the University District and world-wide.

I know this information can save   lives.”  

The  life of 22-yearold Derek K. who passed away from a seizure on Oakmont Avenue as he exited the 33 East Expressway will also be celebrated.

The event also marks the grand  opening of the Art & Epilepsy Awareness House.

For more information call (716)248-3255  or  (716) 424-4128 cell.

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