An Open Letter to the Business Community


Dear editor:

In the days since India Walton won the Democratic primary for Mayor of the City of Buffalo, local and national media have reported the hysterical and desperate reactions from members of Buffalo’s business and corporate community, who are the greatest benefactors of the Brown administration’s trickle-down economics. Through their outsized influence on the Brown administration, they have extracted public dollars that could have been invested in public education, affordable housing, transportation, infrastructure, and other vital services, in order to line their own pockets instead. 

Disgraced, removed school board member, notorious racist, and infamous Buffalo landlord Carl Paladino initially announced his intention to organize and fund a write-in campaign for Byron Brown. We hope the business leaders of our community will reject any such scheming, and support the will of the people who have already made their voices heard through the ballot box.

After 16 years of top-down corporate socialism under the Brown administration, Buffalo remains one of the poorest cities in the nation. It’s time for a new vision for City Hall, which the voters recognized when they elected lifelong Buffalo resident India Walton. 

We reject the notion that racist Carl Paladino and those he has gathered have the right to steamroll over the outcome of the Democratic primary. Paladino does not hold the decision-making power. The people do, and the people have voted for Democrat India Walton. 

With excitement for the future of our city, 

 Rachel Ablow

Whitney Crispell

Caitlin Crowell

Rachel Fix Dominguez

Members of #CanCarl and parents of Buffalo Public School student