What Exactly Does the New Revised CDC Mask Mandate Say?

When Covid-19 shows up after the 14th day of being fully vaccinated, the virus is said to have “broken through” the vaccine’s protection. This “breakthrough” infection happens rarely and most cases are mild or asymptomatic. 

Put in perspective, millions  of  people fully vaccinated  will experience this breakthrough infection

 “When people hear the numbers, they have to recognize that no vaccine is perfect, but this vaccine is still very, very, very good,” said Dr. Stephen Schrantz, Infectious Disease Specialist, Univ. Of Chicago Medicine.

People with compromised immune systems are most at risk for breakthrough infection. 

There is a test that will detect the presence or lack of Covid antibodies. People being vaccinated might want to ask about it If there is anything to be learned from examples of illness or  death after vaccination it is that the Covid-19 vaccines do not guarantee no future infection. 

-New CDC Guidelines-

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its guidance Tuesday on wearing masks to help protect against infection from the coronavirus as the highly transmissible delta variant fuels a surge of cases. Under the new recommendations, the federal agency is urging vaccinated Americans to wear masks indoors in certain circumstances.

What exactly does the revised guidance say?

Fully vaccinated or not, people who live where coronavirus transmission is classified as substantial or high should wear masks when they are indoors in public places. The agency also called for universal mask-wearing in K-12 schools, where masks should be worn by teachers, other staff members, students and visitors. The recommendation applies to everyone over the age of 2. While vaccines are authorized for adolescents, studies are ongoing in children under age 12. And according to the CDC, just 30 percent of youngsters age 12 to 17 are fully vaccinated.

The CDC continues to urge everyone to get one of the three coronavirus vaccines authorized for emergency use in the United States, saying the shots continue to offer a high degree of protection against becoming seriously ill.

   New York State Gov. Cuomo announced that the state is now reviewing these recommendations.