Weekly Election Update Countdown To November


*Both Mayor Brown and Primary candidate winner India Walton are getting plenty of press 

*Walton has made excellent use of the opportunity.  In  one in depth interview with The Buffalo News    for example, she was straight forward and transparent in answering  a host of questions involving rumors  or troubles she may have faced as a struggling young mother. 

Buffalo City Hall Challenger Photo

*In another, she talked about Democratic Socialism and the pride she felt as a follower of that political philosophy. When asked to define it she said simply: “All  it means is that I’m putting people first. People over profit. I’m representing the working class, the poor, the forgotten,” Buffalo’s  poverty rate is more than twice the national average.

*She  has made it clear that Democratic Socialism   is not communism.

*She has laid out her agenda/platform, which is  progressive  and ambitious ranging from public safety and police reform to being able to provide working families with the resources they need to not only survive but thrive. A top issue she has stated, is community violence and she has already begun to look into ways to reduce gun Violence.

*She supports term limits. Indeed, we don’t need any more 16-year-entrenched incumbents. Said Walton, “In order to make progress we need fresh ideas.”

*At the end of the day either Mayor Brown will make history   as having won a write-in campaign for an unprecedented fifth term as mayor; or  India Walton after having made Buffalo’s most stunning election upset,  will make history as the first female mayor and first  democratic socialist mayor of New York’s  second largest city.

See you at the polls!


Walton on Gun Violence: July 7 Recent Press Conference Held on On Gun Violence India Walton was joined by Public Advocate Jumaane Williams who traveled upstate to meet with elected officials and strategize around reimagining public safety and preventing gun violence . See Video of Press Conference Here:



Mayoral Candidate India Walton

The June 24th cover headline reported that India Walton was “poised to become  the  first Black and first Female Mayor of Buffalo.”  Having to change the  cover at the 11th hour and our excitement in the wake of  India’s monumental win, resulted in a headline that was misleading. We’d like to make it plain that   Ms. Walton will become the first  FEMALE Mayor of the City of  Buffalo as well as the city’s  first Black female and first Democratic Socialist! She is also on track to become the first democratic socialist mayor of a big city in 60 years! Apologies for any confusion it may have caused!


-In The Race for Sheriff-

Beaty Stands a Good Chance of Making History in November But Community/City-Wide Support Will be Critical 

Kimberly Beaty

Kimberly Beaty won an impressive victory in the June Primary  – defeating the endorsed Democratic candidate Brian J. Gould  hands down   51% to Gould’s 37.5%. Her biggest win was in the city – enough to beat Gould even though he won the majority of the  county’s cities and towns (Beaty did win Aurora, Holland and Amherst).  Most impressive were the 7,162 votes she received in Buffalo –   winning almost 2,000 votes in Masten alone (1,940). She holds a very real chance of winning in November and  becoming the county’s first woman and first Black sheriff.  Turnout in the Black community will be key.                                                                                         

There are three Republicans running against each other in November  – Karen Healy-Case; Ted DiNoto  (who the party unsuccessfully attempted to have  removed from the ballot); and John C. Garcia , Beaty’s main opponent who won strong in the Republican Primary. Garcia, who is a Brown supporter, is also supported by outgoing  Sheriff Tim Howard.

After her primary election win,  Democratic Party Chair Jeremy Zellner pledged the  party’s support behind Beaty, who was from day one, and remains, the most qualified candidate in the race.

Sheriff Candidate Myles Carter

Sheriff’s Candidate Myles Carter Removed From November Ballot Community activist and candidate for Erie County Sheriff Myles Carter  has been removed from the November2 General Election ballot by the Board of Elections.  Going into the Primary Carter had two Independent Lines which would have allowed him a place on the ballot in the fall  even after losing the Democratic Primary. He ran a respectable race, placing  third with 10% of the vote. His    petitions were later “challenged” and the Board ruled he had too few signatures to meet requirements  and removed him from the ballot.


BROWN’S FIERY WRITE-IN CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT: ON TO NOVEMBER! The Primary election is over, all the ballots have been counted, and Mayor Brown lost. At first he refused to concede. Then decided, at the urging of rich conservative backers, to pursue a write-in campaign in November. But it was his very public, disrespectful, fear mongering announcement of that decision that set an unfortunate tone. Referring to his opponent as a “radical socialist,” he declared – among other outrageous claims: “There is tremendous fear that has spread across this community, people are fearful about the future of our city. They are fearful about the future of their families,” Brown said. “They are fearful about the future of their children, and they have said to me that they do not want a radical socialist occupying the mayor’s office in Buffalo City Hall.” If I’m correct, what the voters said in June is that they do not want Mr. Brown to occupy City Hall! The final decision, as all know, will be made on General Election Day, November 2.