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Buffalo Bills News 
The Buffalo Bills are currently getting ready for the upcoming season.  This month will be the last month before the real football action begins. A training camp question that is coming up involves the cornerback position. Will Levi Wallace be able to keep his cornerback position from Dane Jackson? Cornerback two and three is a very pivotal position for the Buffalo Bills. Last season, Josh Norman was brought to fill one of those positions and with the Bills looking to solidify that position this will be interesting to watch. In other news, Chris Simms was quoted saying that the Buffalo Bills first and second round picks in the 2021 NFL draft are potential busts as the Bills looked to solidify their pass rush. Do you feel the same way? Hit me up on the Rise Up Family Page on Facebook. 
Toronto Blue Jays News 
The Blue Jays homestand with the Tampa Bay Rays was a successful one. The Blue Jays won two of three games in  a very convincing fashion. Last Friday, the Blue Jays soared past the Rays 11-1. On Saturday, they won 6-3 as George Springer went yard. On Sunday, the Rays bounced back by stinging the Blue Jays 6-3 on Independence Day.  The race for the wild card is going to be wild down the stretch. Will the Blue Jays be in Buffalo when the playoffs start? Keep supporting the Rise Up Right Articles for more updates. 
Buffalo Sabres News
This week rise up right gets the great opportunity to make hockey and baseball synonymous as I was able to have a great conversation with the legend”The Razor” Rob Ray. I asked him a couple questions about the Sabres organization.
The FireStarter: Would you ever think about taking a front office position to help the organization?
The Razor: “Obviously not.” They will figure it out. I’m enjoying my life and family currently. 
The FireStarter: What would help the organization right now?
The Razor: “Get rid of Jack and Sam and anyone else who doesn’t want to be here or isn’t passionate about the game.” “We use to sign 1 year and an option or 2 years and an option, it kept us motivated.” “It kept that fire burning.”  “I’m not against players getting their money but I have noticed that players lose passion for the game when that happens.” 
The FireStarter: How do you feel about the last two coaches, do you feel like they were the problem?
The Razor: ” It’s easy for players to blame coaching when you don’t want to be here, it’s an easy scapegoat to use coaching as an excuse for the problems in the organization.”
My conversation with Rob Ray was phenomenal. He was very real and open about the organization. Shout out to Rob Ray for the many years of great hockey that he gave to this city. 
NBA News
The Milwaukee Bucks will be taking a trip to the NBA finals as they finished off the Atlanta Hawks 118-107 in Game 6. The Phoenix Suns will be awaiting the Milwaukee Bucks as reports have already came out this week that The Greek Freak will be doubtful for Game 1 of the NBA Finals.
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