By Sherry Sherrill  

On Friday, July 30   from 12 noon  and lasting for approximately one hour,  John H. Walker, Jr. and Darryl Boyd, collectively referred to as The Buffalo 5, will  conv03ene a “live, in-person” Prayer Vigil for Justice  in front of the State Supreme Courthouse,  25 Delaware Avenue, downtown.

At the most recent court appearance on Tuesday, July  20th, closing arguments were rendered by defense counsel Paul J. Cambria, Jr. of Lipsitz  Green Scime Cambria LLP in Buffalo, and a representative of the Office of Erie County District  Attorney John Flynn. 

In his presentation, Mr. Cambria stated a number of  points, among them:  That two particular  crime scene photographs retired Judge James A.W. McCleod says he presented as material  evidence in exonerated of Buffalo 5 member Floyd Martin’s 1977 trial, debunked the then  prosecution’s theory, and their state’s witness’ allegation, that four individuals (John Walker, Darryl Boyd, Darryn Gibson, and Floyd Martin) had been responsible for the 1976 robbery and murder of Mr. William Crawford. Also:  That these photos somehow went missing after  defendant Martin’s trial, and are therefore not now available to the present-day defense  strategy against Walker’s and Boyd’s 1976 indictments and 1977 convictions; That as a  result of  the exclusion and disappearance of such potentially exculpatory evidence, then and now, is a violation of both Walker’s and Boyd’s civil and human rights; That a Buffalo Police Department 

investigator inferred, back in 1977, that such photo evidence was suggestive of a “lone,  heavyset” assailant; and, That a contemporaneous handwritten note made in the margin of a then Assistant Erie County District Attorney’s trial summation notes, stating “convict the heavy-set suspect,”  was a reference to such opinion and, thereby, was proof that such 1977crime scene photos had at one time existed, that these had at one time had been in the  possession of authorities, and, that despite such dependable opinion having been rendered, the photos’ highly relevant content had not been acted upon as evidence.

Now, Buffalo 5 members John H. Walker and Darryl Boyd are awaiting the Decision of NYS Supreme Court  Justice Christopher J. Burns.