“Critical Race Theory” And “Cancel Culture”: The Audacity Of The Lie

by Baba Eng  (Part 1)

Nearly two years ago, donald trump, told amerikkka, not to believe anything they saw or heard, unless it came from him.

Now, remember he was speaking directly to the amerikkka that he knew would show up for the January 6th insurrection, because they had already shown up in Charlottesville and he told everybody that some Neo Nazis and Klansmen/women were good people too.

Now, put this into context with what trump and his cronies are trying to push about “Critical Race Theory” and “Cancel Culture” and you will understand exactly what is being pushed and attempted in terms of controlling all thought in America, i.e., the continued dumbing down of America.  The more confused a person is and the less information a person has, the easier it is to manipulate them.

Now, what does that mean: to control all thought in America? Well, let’s go back to the very beginning of the social order founded by the “founding fathers.” That social order was based on a hierarchy of white supremacist ideology. That white supremacist ideology was based on lies, omissions, subterfuge and misguidance.

Remember, the enslavement of African people was written into the founding document of America: The Constitution of The United States (Article 1, Section 2).  That document falsely claimed that Black people were only three fifths human. That was the lie that began the legalization of an institution: chattel slavery.  Chattel slavery allowed and promoted the rapes, murders, and brutalization of Black people and the theft of Black wealth for the last four hundred and more years.

That legalization was followed by legislation into law of all of the limitations and restrictions of the Black Codes that would be placed on Black people, from that time forward, to make sure that Black people would always be in an inferior position politically, economically and especially educationally. 

Research says that education became the focal point, because Europeans knew the shackles on the body would be broken, however they also knew that what people thought would shape the future. It would shape how the American experiment would play out in the world. 

How people in the world see Blacks and how Blacks would see themselves/ourselves here in America and in the world was the focus of the miseducation that would be fed to everyone, but especially Black people for the next four hundred years. 

That is how important it was to thoroughly confuse Black people about our past, about the story of our origins. The fact that we came from great civilizations had to be erased forever from the minds, even from the imagination of Black people first and then everybody else who would come into contact with us. The first misconception was the introduction of the false idea of different races. In the minds of people that would be the rationale for separation. Of course, that was the intention all along i.e., to make sure people were/are separated and see themselves as different from each other which is the exact opposite of the truth which is that there is only one race: the human race. But it was that separation in the minds of the people that allowed for those who controlled the scheme of mass enslavement of African people, to create the false ideas of inferiority of one and superiority of the other.

That is why the “miseducation of the Negro” was so important. It was a specific curriculum that minimized the role of Black people in human history. That curriculum erased the truths of Ancient Kemit and even Kush, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. They even changed the name of Kemit, called it Egypt and even moved it out of Africa. That is where all the sciences of writing and mathematics, medicine and architecture were stolen and attributed to white Greek writers like Plato and Socrates in a Grecian mythology that did not even exist during the reign of Kemit, Kush, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.   

That miseducation was and is scientifically planned and is where Europeans had to convince themselves first, so they created whole departments in the colleges and universities that we now know all had ties to the transatlantic slave trade. Europeans have continued to miseducate us all when they have had the chance to do so. Just think about some real facts, like nearly every institution of higher learning in America had its beginnings in the enslavement of African people. Harvard’s story is best known but the universities of North and South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi had similar beginnings. Rhode Island and New England were the same. These institutions of higher learning were financed by the enslavement of African people. What do you think they were organized to promote?