We Endorse India Walton for Mayor

On March 4 we ran a front page story asking the question, “Who is India Walton and Why is She Running for Mayor?”

Her response was that  she decided to enter the race  against Mayor Brown, a 15-year entrenched incumbent,  because she was tired of seeing her community in the condition that it was in. 

She pointed to the fact that Buffalo was one of the nation’s poorest cities; that nearly half our children (Black)  live in poverty; and  the cranes in the sky were  building all around the “hole in the donut” (the inner city) for Canal Side, the medical corridor  or South Buffalo renaissance .

Her attitude  was simply – if no one else would challenge the status quo – I will.

Since that time she has made it very clear, that she is running to break down barriers.                                                                            

And she’s attracted sizable support from people who are equally tired of a decade and a half  of stagnation and politricks.

We endorse India Walton in her noble quest, based on the strength that she dared to step to the plate to give voters a choice. Not to mention that at 38 years young – she is qualified, experienced, intelligent, organized, and as her campaign slogan touts: Real. Resilient. Ready!

She takes pride in declaring that she is not a career politician. 

•She is a Registered Nurse who’s saved lives, a single mother of four  and community leader .

•She has received some solid endorsements  – most recently from  the Buffalo Teachers Federation  and earlier by the Working Families Party and at least two national political organizations – and  has raised a sizable amount of money for her campaign.

•She is a non-profit leader who’s built affordable housing and successfully fought gentrification 

•She served as a Union Rep

•She’s been a leader in the fight to reform our criminal justice system

•She is a founding Executive Director of the Fruit Belt Community Land Trust    

•Her platform includes fighting  to bring down our rents and making it easier for working  class to buy a home 

•She served as a community organizer for Open Buffalo

•She was a voice  in the local Black Lives Matter Moment 

 India   is  sensitive and knowledgeable about issues that  impact  the lives of   everyday people. 

 Her presence in this race is a breath of fresh air.

We  are impressed with her tenacity, her intelligence, her fearless determination and her ability to  effectively speak truth to power and bring  pertinent issues to the forefront.

She and other promising young progressives like her, are the future!

 Join us in supporting and voting India Walton for Mayor on Primary Election Day, June 22!*                    

*(Don’t forget you can vote early between June 12. – June 20. See Below)

Early Voting Begins June 12-20  


•Erie Board Of Elections Main Office 134 W Eagle St. 

•Buffalo Community Center 203 Sanders Rd. 

•St Columba-Brigid, RC  75 Hickory St

•Matt Urban Center 1081 Broadway 

•Hennepin Center 24 Ludington St. 

•Delavan Grider Community Center 877 E Delavan Ave .

•Salvation Army West Side Community Ctr. 187 Grant St. 

•Northwest Buffalo Community Center 155 Lawn Ave. 

•Tosh Collins Community Center 35 Cazenovia St. 

•Gloria J Parks Community Center 3242 Main St. 

Also: LACKAWANNA  at the Senior Citizens Center, 230 Martin Rd.


Saturday, June 12th & Sunday, June 13th – Noon to 6PM 

June 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th – Noon to 9PM

Saturday, June 19th & Sunday, June 20th – Noon to 6PM 

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT:  elections.erie.gov OR CALL (716) 858-8891