Vogue Pride:“VOGUE TALK” A Creative Visual by Joshua Caleb Features Vouge Buffalo Dance Group and Celebrates the Artform

(video still from Vouge Talk)

Cinematographer and Buffalo-native Joshua Caleb partners with Squeaky Wheel Film/Media Art Center and Vogue Buffalo Dance Group to create nostalgic themed “Vogue Talk” visual. The video celebrates voguing, a dance move predominantly performed by queer and transgender people of color in 1960’s Harlem. 

Written and filmed by Joshua Caleb , the video features dancers in a downtown studio while an emotional VoiceOver  narrated by Ashton Prodigy and Luis Perez  recites lines such as “Vogue music makes me feel sexy it brings out my inner feminine side” and “We needed a safe place to just be ourselves, not to feel judged and….be free.” 

The video showcases the fluid model-esque movements of vogue; while promoting a message of self-acceptance. 

 In honor of Pride month “Vogue Talk” pays homage to Buffalo’s underground vogue dance culture while representing local members of Western New York’s Black and Latino LGBTQ community.  

Other dancers featured in the video include Anthony Garcon, Ashton Prodigy, Elzon Ebony, Jojo Escada, Niyalah Thomas, Luis Perez, Davey Santana, Damarian Miller, Jah Carter, Joseph Donohue III, and Alexander Fears.  “I wanted to create something that made people feel beautiful and excited about life.” 

Joshua has plans to expand his creative lens on the artist community in Western NY. “Vogue Talk is only the beginning. I will be applying for the Squeaky Wheel  workspace residency and using their resources to produce my first short film exploring dance, identity and sexuality” said Caleb

Watch Vouge Talk  on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/565629166.