The Full Moon June 24, Will Increase Your Intuition

Intuitive powers will increase as we approach the June Full Moon on June 24. This is a time to gather and harvest things you’ve planted earlier this spring. Winds of Change are in the Air! The spiritual meaning of full moon June 2021 relates to good fortune, optimism and generosity.

Now more than ever its time to stay in the present moment.  Manifest within your heart and soul the spirit of Love and Light and send it out to the world that is filled with great darkness.

As this full Moon falls close to Father’s Day I feel it’s a good time to use the analogy of what a father is in terms of how our Heavenly Father helps us. 

To me a father is a man who loves his children enough to let them make mistakes. A father is a guide and teacher, but he also cares enough to say “no” to his child even when he or she might hate him for it in the moment. That’s because a father tries to do the right thing, not the easy thing.

I think this brings into perspective how our Heavenly Father works with us.  Often we can’t understand why we didn’t get something that we worked hard at or really wanted and it’s because it was not going to be the right thing for us.  Many people blame God when things go wrong.  Instead think of him just like an earthly father that he loves you enough to say no.

This full moon is used as a signal It’s time for you to pick your intentions.

Allow yourself to let go of any frustrations and don’t allow them to hold onto you. Be like water and allow yourself to flow through your day. Feel the cool of the water and the gentleness that it carries