Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren Loses Primary to Councilman Evans

pictured: Malik Evans (left) and Mayor Lovely Warren.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren was defeated  Tuesday night by a wide margin  in the Democratic primary by City Councilmember Malik Evans.

Ms. Warren, who was first elected in 2013, was vying for a third term. She was   the first female and second African American mayor of Rochester, a city of about 200,000 people.

Unofficial results had Evans with more than 65% of the vote with two districts yet to report. 

The popular elected official  faced several  recent controversies. Last month, her husband was arrested after the police said they found drugs and guns during searches of his car and home, and was accused of being part of a midlevel cocaine trafficking ring. Ms. Warren was not charged with a crime.

Mayor Warren, gracious in defeat,  took to the podium after Evans at a separate gathering, thanking him and urging her supporters to get behind his incoming administration. She delivered an impassioned and conciliatory speech.

“Me running was about my daughter, and all the little Black girls of this city,” Warren said. “It was about letting them know that no matter what comes your way, you will never ever give up. You don’t quit. You don’t walk away.

“We may think that today was about an ending,” Warren said. “Today was about a new beginning for me, for my daughter. … It is OK that the city has chosen to go in a different direction. I want you all to support the new leadership. I want to make sure that you gird him up …. Pray for him — like you prayed for me.”