Realestate with Hawwao Wajed: The Annual Home Maintenance Checklist”

“Happy Father’s Day” this month with a “Heartful of Love!!

Well “Congrat’s” again, you’ve closed on your “Dream Home.”  You have keys in your hand and now what is next, I imagine you are saying.  As  new and seasoned homeowners, the fun of annual and regular maintenance begins !

Let’s get started”

Spring: Most of the time we desire to open the windows and clear our closets. It’s  also a time to give your house, inside and out, a good once-over.

Leaves must be raked from the winter and then place some mulch in the flowerbeds and beneath hedges.  A thin layer of mulch will protect plants from drought and weeds nearby.  Turn the outside faucets to make sure they are operable.   If you have a contractor for these items, renew the contract at this time.  Most of them will be getting busy soon.

For trees, make sure branches are at a safe distance from the roof.  If any are close, contact a licensed arborist (specialist on trees) for assistance.   Also, National Grid can be contacted with regards to branches close to electric wires on your property/backyards as well.

Lawnmower: Keep in mind to service before use.  Annual tune-up, sharpen blades, change spark plug etc. Estimated cost under $75.00.  Include other tools for care of the exterior as well.

Outside of Your Home – Roof: Check roof signs of loose, raised and broken shingles.  Look up at the chimney for shifting bricks/motor condition

Gutters/downspouts: To be cleaned two times a year.  Be safe doing this yourself and ask for assistance to steady the ladder.  Close to 70,000 people required medical attention.  Professionals est. fee $75.00 to $225.00

Paint: Look for signs of peeling and chipping.  Touch ups are good in the spring and before the end of summer.

Also, give the house a “good scrub”, wash windows and any exterior house items as needed. Be mindful of power washers that may damage the exterior.  A garden hose will do.  Use garden friendly/organic materials to protect your vegetation, flowers and wildlife as well!

Sidewalks: review them for safety and correct as needed. When a tree is at the curb level and has raised / broken the concrete/blacktop, contact the city for their assistance. 

Also, where grass or weeds are appearing in the crevice of the sidewalk/driveway…use regular boxed salt/also salt for ice removal.  You will be surprised with the easy and healthy results.

Deck/Patio: Garden hose, a broom and light cleaning harmless solution is best.  If it’s wood, it can be treated with borate. It’s as harmless as table salt.  Borate is water soluble, which means rain or contact with the ground can allow it to become mobile.  Let the deck dry before staining.

Pool: Hire a pool specialist for service.  Est cost $242.00 

Inside the house: HVAC systems~ central heat and air conditioning est. biennial $348.00

Plumbing requires check for leaks,ceilings,faucets and the toilet tank flapper.  Fix what you can and call a licensed plumber for assistance.

Sump pump requires proper draining ~ take care before winter thaw and rainy seasons 

Chimney inspection annually (gases )even if not in use to keep air breathable

Detectors: Smoke Alarm and carbon monoxide detectors batteries to be changed annually.  As an easy reminder, consider “at daylight savings time” / “mothers day,” to make the changes.  Smart detectors are linked in the home to give a voice alert, not just an alarm. 

Enjoy your homes and surroundings more each day. 

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