Real Estate is Often at the Center: Boomers Are Preparing For The Best Of Their Lives

Do you have a real estate strategy? This is a question licensed realtor and MMB Realty Group co – founder, Rosalind Burgin often asks her clients during an initial conversation. 

Research shows that baby boomers, retirees, seniors, and millennials are changing the real estate market substantially.           

What MMB Realty Group, (MMB) realtors have noted is that seniors are vibrant and ready to make real estate investments to make their lives simpler by purchasing a smaller home or downsizing to an apartment. There are also some seniors that are focusing on generational wealth building and assisting in purchasing homes for family members. 

“What we would like Boomers and other seniors to know is that we are here to help. We recognize that change can be hard, and our goal is to minimize the stress level,” stated Rosalind.

Mia Mootry, MMB Realty Group, Inc. co -founder added,” MMB values teamwork and work to walk this transition with you – you are not alone.” 

“We remind clients making the decision to downsize can be an exciting time because you have choices and finally it’s a time to focus on what you want,” stated Tamika Murphy, co-founder of MMB Realty Group, Inc. 

Rosalind Burgin has a  list of topics that are included in her conversations with Boomers and seniors ready to sell their homes.

Planning is key to make this important real estate transition smoother.

Rosalind states, “to begin the planning I always ask the following questions.”

1. Where are you going if you sell your home?

2. Do you have a mortgage on your home, if so, do you know your pay off amount?

3.  Do you know what your home is worth? 

4. What is your time frame to make a move?

5. Who is helping you?  Who are the decision makers?

Once you have determined that you are ready to sell and have pertinent information about your home then we move to the next steps.

STEP 1: The main question is to determine plans for the next home or apartment and the process of downsizing personal belongings. 

Based on the answers, MMB realtors and the client can begin thinking about and researching various resources that will be needed. Identifying resources could include discussions with family members, Erie County Senior Services, a home organizer, a big trash removal company, and a cleaning service. 

Step 2:  Developing a plan to sell the house. 

One factor that is true today is that we are in a seller’s market, so your home if properly prepared will sell quickly. Experienced realtors are positioned to guide you through the buy and sale process.  

About MMB Realty Group, Inc. 

MMB Realty Group is a joint venture of three experienced female realtors, Rosalind Burgin Jamia “Mia” Mootry, and Tamika Murphy, who are focused on providing each client a customized and quality real estate experience. Real estate is not just a business transaction to them.

They are committed to creating a new type of Real Estate Experience. “We are One Team. One Vision. One Mission. One Goal – Serving One YOU!” 

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