Kimberly L. Beaty  is without question the most qualified and experienced candidate in the race for Sheriff of Erie County.

Her over three decades of policing and professional experience is coupled with a genuine desire to change the department’s culture of death   and mistrust  left in the wake of the departing  Sheriff  Timothy Howard. Over 30 people have died from abuse, neglect or mistreatment as well as suicide in Howard’s Holding Center since he took office in 2005. 

The highest ranked officer in the race, Kimberly’s   expertise in deputy training, especially relating to inmate care, mental health and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will be a great asset.

Behind that pleasant smile is a steely resolve and commitment to “do the right thing” as it relates to the communities she and her men and women are sworn to serve. 

In her own words, she is running for Sheriff “to restore trust between law  enforcement and the communities they are sworn  to protect …”  

It is encouraging to know that she is in agreement with many of the recommendations from the Police Reform Task force for the Sheriff’s Department as well as recommendations made by community organizations. She has vowed not to “look the other way” when abuse, neglect and unprofessional behavior occurs. 

The challenges she faces  are daunting. For example, as of January 2018, Erie County taxpayers spent nearly $2.5 million settling lawsuits that arose from deaths, injuries, and illnesses at its jails. A February 2018 report by the Commission of Correction found Erie County jails to be among the “most problematic local correctional facilities in the state.”

But Kim Beaty  is up to the task.

Her platform includes:

•Working hard to restore trust and demand professionalism 

•Making the sheriff’s office more diverse and transparent

•Seeking innovative, creative  solutions to medical issues facing jail inmates •Ending solitary confinement

•Treating families and visitors with respect and dignity

•Keeping families together

Last but not least, Kim is a “community daughter” – born and raised in Buffalo. We know her from her  many  years of community involvement. She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors.

She is a wife and mother and is currently Director of Public Safety at Canisius College, her alma mater.

A Vote For Kim Beaty Is A Vote For Decency. A Vote For Real Change. A Vote  that assures if ever a loved one goes to jail, he/she will come out alive.

Kimberly L. Beaty has what it takes to be one amazing, history-making Sheriff .

All she needs is our vote  on Primary Election Day Tuesday June 22.*

 She can win!

*(Don’t forget you can vote early between June 12. – June 20. See Below)   (Photo of Kimberly Beaty by Richard Blanc of Blanc Photographie)

Early Voting Begins June 12-20  


•Erie Board Of Elections Main Office 134 W Eagle St. 

•Buffalo Community Center 203 Sanders Rd. 

•St Columba-Brigid, RC  75 Hickory St

•Matt Urban Center 1081 Broadway 

•Hennepin Center 24 Ludington St. 

•Delavan Grider Community Center 877 E Delavan Ave .

•Salvation Army West Side Community Ctr. 187 Grant St. 

•Northwest Buffalo Community Center 155 Lawn Ave. 

•Tosh Collins Community Center 35 Cazenovia St. 

•Gloria J Parks Community Center 3242 Main St. 

Also: LACKAWANNA at the Senior Citizens Center, 230 Martin Rd.


Saturday, June 12th & Sunday, June 13th – Noon to 6PM 

June 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th – Noon to 9PM

Saturday, June 19th & Sunday, June 20th – Noon to 6PM