Justice Delayed and Denied Because Justice Lied!

pictured: The Buffalo 5 and supporters outside of the courts following last Thursday’s hearing. They are scheduled to return on July7. Photo We Are Women Warriors

A news reporter from a local TV station covered the Buffalo 5 trial last Thursday and he stated that retired State Supreme Court Judge and assistant DA, at the time of the murders in 1977, said that he did not believe the guys were innocent and that their protestations of innocence were an ‘urban myth’ and also that they were simply going to trial to get a lawsuit going.

How insulting can he be to say that when these  men who have been fighting for over 20 years to clear their names of a murder they did not commit. To suggest they were just doing it to sue the City or the Buffalo Police Department or the Erie County District Attorney’s office is ofensive and absurd!

The simple truth is, evidence that could have exonerated the Buffalo 5 was either lost or destroyed on purpose. Pictures of footprints that showed that the real killer of Mr. William Crawford was a 200 pound person who wore a size 12 shoe size, mysteriously disappeared from the police  evidence room sometime between the first two and last two trials.  All of the accused teenagers weighed less than 150 lbs and none had a foot size larger than a size 10 shoe. Also, pictures that showed the only footprints leading up his driveway were those of the victim’s and not the five young, 16 years old boys who were tried and convicted of being the killers.

What is not an urban myth, Judge Drury, is that you, as the Assistant DA prosecutor, took the false testimony of a scared and police-bullied youth and used it to convict three  innocent boys while you and your office gave complete immunity to their friend who lied about their involvement in the crime.

Whether the men from the Buffalo 5 have a case for a lawsuit is not relevant or important right now. What is important and needs to be addressed now, is the motion to overturn Indictment 41-413. Those are the numbers that identify the living hell these men have lived under since that day, so  many years ago, when the city of Buffalo and the county’s DA office targeted, arrested, tried and convicted three of the 5 young men, stole over 20 years of their young lives and made them pay for a crime they did not commit.