The New York State Social Justice Collective of the Minority Bar Association of Western New York held a Memorial Day processional event in memory of the unjustly loss of Black and Brown lives. The Buffalo Chapter of the NAACP and Thomas Edwards Funeral Home joined them in the Memorial Day procession which was led by Darrell Saxon, Owner and Director, of the Thomas Edwards Funeral Home. There was a brief gathering, which included prayer, in front of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s statute to kick off the event. In a press release, the Social Justice Collective noted: “The killing of George Floyd has shaken our world on a national scale. The killing of Daniel Prude happened in our neighboring city. We can no longer ignore the disparate effects of racial and social injustices affecting our communities. The Minority Bar Association of WNY is planning PEACEFUL and impactful events to remind our communities that Black and Brown lives always matter.” A contingent of police officers were also in attendance in a show of solidarity. Attorney John Elmore, a member of the minority Bar Association and one of the speakers told the media “there’s been a lot of positive changes but there still has to be more.”(Attorney Elmore is pictured top left , and Mr. Saxon, top, right.) Street Legacy Photos By Darvin Adams