Community Watchdog

Funny how when a benefit is for minority communities, suddenly “unintended consequences” are considered.  Covering the 33 is acknowledged as being “transformative.” And then it is asked by the BN if it is worth it. 

Well let’s see. The transformative, touted as progress, expressway that literally drove the tax base out of the city is given the benefit of the doubt while we are to question if what would be good for Black Buffalo is worth the money; a project they say that would be “enormously expensive.”  Well guess what, we pay taxes, so use that money. We are worth it. The White suburbs and its White schools have been built and nurtured with our money. It is not called “White Flight” for nuttin’.

Let’s correct the injustice.  And to mention Robert Moses!!! — a known, documented bigot!  I hope the community will continue to organize  ( i.e. the Restore Our Community Coalition- ROCC) to fight for the resources we deserve. Buffalo cannot waste this moment. And you want to talk transformative? Olmsted’s 1868 vision was just that — and it was destroyed!