Buffalo Artists/Entrepreneurs Featured in Time Magazine

pictured: Derrick Carr, Adrian Javon, Malik Rainey and Brandon Watson

Four talented young men from Buffalo, all in their 20’s, were featured nationally in the May 24/31 edition of Time Magazine.  In a featured section  titled “The Equity Agenda,” five community pods around the country followed what editors called a “legacy of care” which spotlighted strength in community during the past year of the pandemic.  Serving as a vital support system  to its members, these spaces provided much needed respite and solidarity. Derrick Carr, Adrian Javon, Malik Rainey and Brandon Watson, whose specialties range from advertising to photo journalism, formed a studio pod to support one another.           

Time writes:  “We were all we had,” says Rainey, 21. They strive to elevate Black talent and other talent of color in their work, and regularly share opportunities whenever one hears of something that might be a fit for the other. “In our group what we believe is uplifting each other,” Rainey says. In what he describes as a “very whitewashed profession,” they are eager to show it’s possible to be a successful Black photographer. And their relationships extend beyond photography: “At the end of the day,” Rainey says, “we’re human beings first we’re artists second.”

The photography, which appeared in Time Magazine above, was done by Malik Rainey for Time.