Alissa Brianna’s  New Release Shines

By Michael Hill

Alissa Brianna’s, new release “Shine,”  dropped May 7, showcases smooth melodic vocals. 

A driving rhythm backs lyrics of higher consciousness and inspiration. Shine captures the meaningfulness of Alissa’s roots, her Christian upbringing in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls community. 

Born in Niagara Falls, New York, Alissa is an emerging music artist with a market ready sound. Her music is available on Band Camp and Spotify. A vocalist, musician and producer, Alissa has crafted a creative style and quality that is appealing in its warmth and spirit. The lyrics of “Shine” reflect the racial divide in the country, the police violence and deaths of African Americans. Thoughtfully, her song offers a wisdom of compassion, hope and self-reflection. 

“Shine”  follows the 2020 release of the single, “Where Are You?” Alissa is emerging as an outstanding young artist with a market ready quality.

Through earlier projects of solo and group performances in New York City, where she currently resides, the stage has been set, for great things to happen in Alissa Brianna’s career. 

The daughter of Jackie and Arthur Todd (Pastor of Grace Community Ministries; and proud owner of Automotive Battery and Tire Shop, Buffalo), Alissa can most definitely be claimed as a Western New York star ascending on the national music scene.