School Board Member Sounds the Alarm! Parents and Community Must Have Input in How the Board of Education Spends $201 Million

pictured: Central District School Board Member Paulette Woods (right) urges parents, students, community leaders, churches and concerned citizens to participate in upcoming Stakeholders Meetings to discuss the district’s plans for the $201 million in stimulus funding  for our children.

Central District School Board member Paulette Woods wants parents and community members to know that a series of meetings are coming up  to give them the opportunity  to participate in how the city  school district can best use   $201 million in  funding for our children.

These virtual meetings kick off from  4 -6 p.m. today (April 29) followed by additional meetings on Saturday, May 15 at 10 a.m. and again on Tuesday, May 25 at 5:30 p.m.  at www.facebookcom/BPSParentCenters

The Buffalo schools received the funding through  President Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act. These funds  are designed to help the school  plan and restore our children’s education  in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recommendations and feedback from parents ,students community leaders and agencies, churches and concerned citizens  is vital.

Board member Woods released the following statement to the community:

“The American Rescue Plan Act mandates community participation in reshaping education. It’s the law!

“President Biden has mandated community input and community participation in the  planning  of the restoration of education for our children after this COVID-19 pandemic, which closed our schools and hurt our children’s education! Twenty percent (20%) of these funds must be used to remediate learning loss for our children who fell behind while schools closed and attempted to move to online learning! Funds must be used for extend learning, summer programs, and community sites to help students master online learning!

They must be used for mental health  and trauma care to offset the isolation and depression our children have suffered due to covid-19. Funds must be used to help your children! 

“You know what your children need!,” she continued.. “ You know the problems your child faces in getting a good education! Make your voice heard! What you say will help your child! We must have your voice!