New Court Date Set For John Walker and Darryl Boyd Of The Buffalo 5 

On June 3 John  Walker and Darryl Boyd of the Buffalo 5 will return to Sate Supreme court  in their more than 40-year struggle to prove their innocence for a crime they did not commit.  

In 1976    – five innocent 16-year-old boys – Walker , Boyd, Darryn Gibson, Floyd Martin and Tyrone Woodruff –      were accused of the murder   of  William Crawford  on Fillmore Avenue.  Walker, Boyd and Gibson spent a  combined 50 years in jail.  

Floyd Martin was also charged but acquitted after a trial. He was the only one whose family could afford to hire an attorney, who happened to be then young lawyer and later City Court Judge James McLeod.  Tyrone Woodruff, the fifth teen,  was threatened and intimidated into giving  false statements and testimony  against his friends  to  Buffalo detectives and was allowed to go free.

However He later recounted those  statements several times  but  to no avail.  John Walker and Darryl Boyd   will appear  before Justice Christopher Burns in State Supreme  Court in an attempt to have their original indictment vacated and their names officially cleared. Darryn Gibson served 32 years prison and died a few months after his release in 2009.