Birthday Greetings : Entrepreneur Thomas C “Brownie” Brown Celebrates His 101st Birthday! 

Thomas Clarence Brown, affectionately known as “Brownie,”   a long standing Buffalo Business man, will  celebrate his 101st  birthday   May 27! 

Thomas C. “Brownie” Brown

Mr. Brown  held a number of jobs over the years, including Courier Express paper route and driver, mill hand, mechanic, cab driver, car washer and about eight years at the Chevrolet Motor Company in N. Tonawanda,  but he was always an entrepreneur at heart.

Over the years, he  owned many businesses on Buffalo’s East Side, including: Brownie’s Friendly Service, Brown’s Garage, Brownie’s Northampton Street Garage Auto Repair, Brownie’s Tavern, Brownie’s Upper Terrace, Brownie’s Laundromat, Brownie’s Liquor Store, Brownie’s Construction Company and Brownie’s Discount World. Thomas was not only a business man, but a man committed to his community.

He was active with numerous community organizations over the years and holds life memberships with the Buffalo NAACP and The Appomattox Club of Buffalo, NY. He is a proud and long time member of The Free Masons – St. John’s Lodge #16.  In 2015 at the age of 94 he was featured in the Buffalo News “Salutng Our War Heroes” series where he talked at length about his experience in a segregated army in World  War II.

He was blessed to celebrate his 100th “Centenarian” birthday   last year with  a celebration hosted by his family at The Grapevine in Depew. Happy 101st birthday  to one amazing gentleman!


An Amazingly Dedicated, Focused Life For 108 Years!
Happy Birthday wishes to Brooksie “Nell, Nana” McCutcheon who turned 108 years old May 10th! Birthday wishes as well to her daughter Elizabeth Colston, her son-in-law Alfred Colston Jr., granddaughter Elizabeth, Colston family Tiarra Mullen and Ava Rickets. A special thanks to Mayor Byron Brown for a City of Buffalo Proclamation and Crystal People -Stokes New York State Assembly Proclamation and best wishes from other elected officials, and Buffalo Fire and Police Department. Thank you to the many family members and friends who celebrated with a drive thru from many cars with well wishes. Many were saying “see ya’ next year!” PHOTOS AND BY TEXT TRACEY MULLEN

On May 10 family, friends well-wishers  hosted  a  marvelous   Drive Thru  Birthday Wish on Madison Avenue in honor of Brooksie McCutcheon who celebrated her 108th birthday!

Brooksie McCutcheon was born May 10, 1913, in Atwood, Tennessee. She picked cotton and worked in the fields. She was a housekeeper in Tennessee. She lived in Detroit working at the football stadium cleaning the field house. At one time she was the  housekeeper of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson. 

She moved to Buffalo and worked at U.S. Rubber Plant  and Woolworth’s on Main Street in the kitchen. On January 15, 1947, she married late James McCutcheon. They were married for 43 years.  Brooksie had two sons and one daughter. She had one brother and three sisters. She is the last living sibling.

Because the man she married  was an awesome husband she didn’t work outside of the house. She became a housewife and took care of many children well into her 90s. On Fridays when James got off work, Brooksie would have the boat packed. After he took his shower and nap, the family would go fishing for the weekend. She would get up early Saturday morning to cook homemade biscuits, liver, and fried onions. Every day she would put on her apron and she would cook a full dinner from scratch. Cornbread went in the oven at 4 PM so it would be hot when James came home from work.

On Saturday mornings, she would walk to Sattler’s and the Broadway Market to get fresh vegetables and fruit then go to the store behind the market to pick out her live chicken. Then she would come home and  sit on the porch until daybreak and play pinochle with the girls while waiting for the peanut man. She enjoyed going to Deco’s Restaurant on Fridays to get a hamburger with James. She loved working in her vegetable and fruit garden. In the fall she would can vegetables and fruit. In the winter she would sit at the kitchen table quilting by hand.

At the age of 108, she still likes to go fishing.

She enjoys having a sweet dessert after dinner. She also enjoys traveling with her daughter and son-in-law in their RV.

 She was a member of Hopewell Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Pastor Lyies. She was in the choir. Her last membership was at White Rock Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Rev. Dr. Ivery Daniels. She was a faithful member of the Willing Workers. She was also an Eastern Star.