Kudos for Councilman Wingo!

 commentary by Betty Jean Grant

Sometimes a simple act of fairness, decency and standing for truth and honor seems hard for many in the political arena to adhere to.

 Councilmember Ulysees O. Wingo has demonstrated that one stands for truth whether one stands in a crowd or alone.    

In the May 13th edition of the Challenger  Community News, C.M. Wingo was the only current member of the Buffalo Common Council to publibly endorse Kim Beaty for Erie County Sheriff. 

When Kimberly Lynn Beaty was harassed and demonized by some of our political leaders for not having the right look to be sheriff of Erie County or was pressured to get out of the race, our political leaders and our community elected representatives stood quiet and silent.

I give  Mr. Wingo tremendous praise for having the courage and the backbone for standing up to those regressive party hacks who believe that  a Black woman does not have the ‘right look’ to represent Erie County as a duly elected sheriff.

I commend the Republican Party for having the progressive vision of endorsing a female to be their standard bearer in the GOP’s 2021 Erie County Sheriff’s primary race.

We can talk about those mean spirited   MAGA people all we want but what can we say now that their actions show   them to be  more inclusive and more receptive to diversity than we are?