Women Are Changing The Landscape Of Politics And She Should Be Next Because…

She is a person with great leadership skills and she gets the job done. 

Kimberly Miller-Beaty has a successful career in law enforcement, and she is the right fit to be Erie County Sheriff. She served diligently with the Buffalo Police Department. As I watched, she has always been a very compassionate, caring, and confident leader amongst her male counterparts in Buffalo’s command staff. We were so proud when she began getting promoted because she was a good cop on the street. 

Deputy Commissioner Beaty was always present in the moment and available for her community in her office at all hours, at community meetings and events, presenting herself with a graceful command presence. She knew how to talk to and treat people. As a leader, she showed up at homicide scenes, unlike others that came before her. She was there for families and cops. She cared. She has a great deal of respect for the officers she served with at the Buffalo Police Department, understanding that inner-city policing wasn’t easy. She showed up for them too. While with Buffalo, she was in charge of community policing, patrol officer, training, and investigations. She always said officers have special needs because it takes a social person to be a police officer. I learned from her that cops’ conditions are significant. 

At family get togethers, she talked to our family about our encounters with police. She asked that we cooperate, be cordial, respectful, and genuine, never argumentative. 

So, my Auntie lost a lot of sleep over the years working with BPD. When she retired, our family was happy. We thought she would find solace working at Canisius College as the Director of Public Safety. But she still leaves out the house at weird hours to address any problems in the Canisius Neighborhood. The people that live in Hamlin Park love her. One day, she said to me, ‘I have thousands of kids, faculty, staff, and students I have to take care of, and I need to show up for them.’ She graduated from Canisius and called the place home when she returned there to work. 

Everyone is important to her. She told me, every single person has value. Nice lady, my Auntie. 

I wanted to share this because I know she is the best candidate Erie County could ever have for Sheriff. She has the experience and qualifications. She is firm yet fair. And I always tell her she is classy. She never loses her patience, gives her time to others, basically to try and fix everything. Believe in her with us. She always does the right thing for people. Including people she never met. She believes in the equity of everyone. She’s excellent at helping uplift others, but we need for her to lead on this one. Elect Kimberly Beaty, my aunt for Erie County Sheriff, because she is what a Sheriff looks like, sounds like, acts like. 

-Moricia Miller