Rochester Special Events Permits Deadline is May 1

Mayor Lovely A. Warren today announced that the City’s Office of Special Events will begin accepting applications for events again. Event applicants will be required to review and adhere to the Governor’s COVID-19 Executive Orders, including any Department of Health guidance, respecting limitations on indoor and outdoor gatherings.

“Rochester has missed its incredible lineup of festivals, concerts, neighborhood gatherings and events the past year. As we slowly reopen, we are excited to see what creative ways our events may decide to reinvent themselves in light of the safety measures still in place,” said Mayor Warren.

The City of Rochester encourages the occurrence of special events that enhance the quality of life, provide entertainment and other leisure activities, promote local economic health, attract visitors, and contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of the community. It is the City’s hope to offer applicants support in planning a wide variety of safe and successful events that will serve diverse audiences and create minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.

Festivals, Races /Walks, parades, concerts, film shoots, fireworks displays, rallies, demonstrations, and block parties (all block parties are required to end by dusk), etc require a Special Event Permit.

Before you begin to plan your event, please contact the Office of Special Events as early in the process as possible so that staff can help make your event as successful as it can be.

Annual Deadline for Major Events is May 1

May 1 is the final day to submit an application for a festival or major event for Summer 2021.   All applications must be handed in to the Office of Special Events and they must be COMPLETE- fee paid, site plans, insurance, all detail, etc.  With more than 500 events to process each year, we cannot continue to accept applications for major events after this deadline. If you have not submitted an application by May 1,  you will be looking toward a 2021 date.

*Note: block parties are not included in this deadline; they will be accepted on a rolling basis as long as they are handed in one month prior to the date of the block party.

For further detail information and to download a permit application, visit Applications can be filled out electronically, and emailed or mailed to City staff. Subsequent planning and support meetings may be held on the phone or over Zoom to further facilitate the safest process possible. If you want to speak with someone contact the Office of Special Events at (585) 428-6690, email them or come to City Hall, 30 Church Street, Room 203A.