Purchase Offer – “Your Dream Home”

Greetings to everyone ~~ “Wonderful Weather to begin Planting your Flowers”

Hello my Purchaser(s) !

Alright you’ve already selected your dream home with your agent. Now what comes next is the price offering. This means meeting with your agent to review, discuss, negotiate and present a “price” on the home.

How is this accomplished?

Your agent will prepare the necessary documents to be reviewed before signing.  Here are a few to mention: Contract of Purchase, Agency Disclosure, Lead Paint Disclosure,Covid19 disclosure, NYS Housing Discrimination Disclosure to begin with.  

At the same time, other purchasers may be placing an offer as well, so as we say in real estate “Come with Your Highest and Best Offer.”  

In this market, sufficient funds on hand, a possible gift from family and grant funds are a few avenues.   Income tax time is here, so get ready to make that a portion of the process.  Be mindful, homeowners are focused on obtaining the listing price. 

As mentioned in the previous article in January 2021, “multiple offers” on the same home do occur.  “Get ready to Bid .” 

Your agent will submit the offer and all of the aforementioned documents, usually at a time, date and location if necessary, convenient for the owner and their agent. 

All submissions forwarded to the owners agent, gathered,reviewed and subsequently a decision will be announced by the owners agent usually on the same day by telephone.

Hopefully your “Dream Home” comes into fruition in 2021! 

In any case, there are more homes coming on the market as I complete this article.  

Your Agent will diligently, continue to work with you on your home search, “Stay encouraged on Your Journey of a lifetime.

What happens next…..The Loan Origination Process.   

Hey its been real ~ Be safe and stay focused 

” It’s A Great Time to Market & Locate a New Home

Hawwao Wajed / Real Estate Salesperson~Notary 

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