If You Don’t Control the Narrative, At Least Understand It…

In recent days, weeks, months and it seems like years, in the aftermath of trump, it appears that we have been numb  to even the most innocent request from anyone who could be perceived as a victim.  As soon as they begin to try to explain themselves we are taught to turn off and tune out. They have even come up with a negative dispersion of the idea of people in crisis or under trauma,  calling it “Victimology,”  so it can be dismissed as an overreaction to the reality of oppression and exploitation that has historical precedents in America and throughout the world. I mean just think about it. The idea that victims should have no feelings, no understanding or no real sensibility when it comes to the natural,  human responses to trauma or any kind of brutalization of any aspect of their being, whether it be physical, psychological or spiritual is itself non sensical and unacceptable. 

Now, it is the narrative that is the all in all, and if you are not controlling it you don’t have a chance at being seen and/or much less heard. If you are perceived as a victim your request, your plea for understanding is automatically turned into a demand that is seen as threatening to not only the status quo but to the person who stands between you and the system or the  person or the institution responsible for abusing you. So, be careful how you say it or even feel it cause, somebody is watching and if you’re seen and your voice is heard then you are perceived as the threat that they knew would arise, from all the years of exploitation and oppression that has pushed humanity to the brink and all of a sudden, conveniently you will surely be  the  target.

What brought all of this to the forefront again is that about a week ago,  I saw a middle aged White woman and a young White child dancing with glee and abandon around a garbage can fire that had been lit to burn the mask that had been distributed to stop more deaths from occurring as a result of this horrendous murderous pandemic of Covid 19. As I watched in disbelief and a growing fear that the abandon displayed had more to do with something more nefarious than even the Covid situation, I thought of where I had seen those kinds of looks before in the eyes of White women, White children and especially White men.

Then I remembered: “The Red Summer”-, that chapter of American history that everyone tries to forget, where you can see the photos of The Black Woman, Mary Turner,  as she was hung from a tree in the state of Georgia, along with three other Black people that were hung that day. 

As they hung, a White man, disemboweled Mary Turner, cutting her belly open  and tore an unborn child from her womb, which he then began to stomp into the ground. Seeing that image stuck in my mind and when I saw the look on the face of the Floridian Congressman Matt Gaetz – as he badgered the Reverend Al Sharpton who had gone to testify before Congress on the issue of racism in police departments throughout America –  I saw that same display of disrespect, disregard and devaluing on the Congressman’s face.    What made this reminder so devasting to my mind, to my psyche, is that in the photo of “The Red Summer” you can see the faces of the people gathered,  shown in the photo as grouped in families and they had spread their blankets on the ground and at the “picnic tables” where they continued eating and enjoying themselves; women and children yelling  and smiling and laughing with glee and abandon at the death and destruction of Black life. 

So, it is no wonder, now in 2021, in this same America,  that a White female police officer could have her cold, silver metal, loaded, weighted Glock millimeter in her hand waving it through the bodies as the other police officer struggled in an assault on Daunte Wright, as she looked for a clear shot to his chest and still yell taser, taser, as she fired that fatal shot, comfortable that her real, yellow, plastic taser was securely in her belt on her left side and that her fellow officers would back her up as she falsely exclaimed: “Oh, shit, I just shot him.” 

 I wish I could have seen the actual look on her face right at that moment cause I believe it would have resembled the same look that those kinds of White people have displayed when destroying Black life throughout American history. The same look that Derek Chauvin displayed as people, Black and White pleaded with him to take his knee off of the neck of Brother George Floyd.

Yes, my people, ‘False Narratives,’,Fake Equivalencies and other horrific expressions of the fake,false and absolutely horrific notion of White Supremacy! Please pay attention, my people and it’s alright if you really, really don’t understand all of this. They intentionally make it difficult to understand and keep up with it. But there are those among us who do know and understand, so just ask….