Family Friends Search for Missing 19 year old Buffalo State College Student Saniyya Dennis

The family  of a missing Buffalo State student Saniyya Dennis 19 (pictured above) have set forth with a search for the missing sophomore engineering honor student who has been missing since the 24th of April .  

Saniyya was last seen in the below photo wearing a black hoodie and hat leaving from her Bishop dorm at Buffalo State college around 11pm walking towards Elmwood ave.

Her phone was last pinged at 1:15am near Goat Island in Niagara Falls. She may have caught the NFTA 40 Bus from Downtown Buffalo to Niagara Falls.

The family is told it will take 5-7 days to obtain footage from the bus terminal that would confirm this information. 5-7 days is far too long to receive the footage, and we are asking this be prioritized and provided to the family and authorities immediately so we can narrow down our search efforts. 

If you have any information about her whereabouts you’re asked to call University Police at 716-878-6333

Her parents traveled to the city of Buffalo to search for their daughter  and held a press conference today with the city to get those who will help activated to search for her. They are offering an award of up to 10,000 if you have information that leads to locating Saniyya .

Family of Missing Buffalo State Sophomore Saniyya Dennis Offering Award for info in her Whereabouts ( challenger news photo )

University Police say they’ve talked to friends of Saniyya, who say they saw her earlier in the day Saturday, but don’t know where she was going. Because of COVID restrictions, students don’t have roommates.

Police say there was nothing suspicious about the way she left her room, and that there’s no indication of a criminal investigation.

Everyone in the community remains hopeful she will be found safe. 
Again if you have any information call University Police at 716-878-6333