Covid Dance

story and photos by A. Dorcely

The NCAA Men’s Tournament also known as the NCAA Dance ended Monday the 5th of April. There were some alterations made to the normal tournament atmosphere because of Covid- 19. I’m sure you can take a guess on what some were.

 One main change was a “bubble” for players and coaches as well as a lot of testing. Most games were successfully played. When it was all said and done two great teams were left standing. Baylor played the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the Championship game. Prior to the championship game the Bears won a Final Four game in grizzly fashion as they took a huge bite out of the Houston Cougars. Baylor had no reservations to “Stop Being Greedy”.

Jalen Suggs, Gonzaga University Freshman Point Guard photo A. Dorcely

Gonzaga’s  journey though from the Final Four was in a game for the ages against a UCLA Cinderella team.  

The Bruins went from the first four playing to get into the Tournament to the last four teams left as an 11th seed. Needless to say there were most likely no brackets left standing unless someone had chosen UCLA to be in the Final Four for sentimental value.

This would be a look at David versus Goliath in the book of basketball. With that being said….well more like written; Happy Belated Easter and I wish you all strength and health as we continue our fight against this virus. Now where was I ? Oh, yeah! David beat Goliath in the Bible.

But in this book of basketball Goliath a.k.a. Gonzaga for our purposes, the number 1 overall seed would not be beat. The Bulldogs were propelled into the Championship game by their own David.

A freshman at a “giant” college basketball program by the name of Jalen Suggs put up an almost half court “sling” shot as the seconds ticked off the clock before the end of overtime to win a back and forth game for Gonzaga.

Breathing life into the Championship hopes of a Gonzaga team that was Slippin’! The Bulldogs were also attempting to have an undefeated season. No team had been successful in that feat all the way through a college basketball season and win the national championship since 1976.

Meanwhile, Baylor who was not the overall number 1 team was a number 1 in it’s own right and while many sportswriters had picked them to lose.

They proved to be the rock that toppled Goliath. Gonzaga could not get their footing within the game. Almost all questions were being answered as if the Bears had three Iversons on the court( some of you did not catch that).

The ‘dogs had a rough ride and seemed to be chasing their tails(I hope you’re paying attention). Baylor finished the game just as strong as when they started it making sure they were the last ones dancing “Up In Here” with dancing partners socially distant!

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