Council Passes Wyatt Resolution to End School Zone Speed Program

The Common Council successfully voted 6-3 Tuesday to end the School Zone Camera program at the end of the school  year. Masten District Council Member Ulysees O. Wingo Sr., North District Council Member Joseph Golombek  Jr., and South District Council Member Christopher Scanlon voted vehemently to keep the program in place.

 Council Member Rasheed Wyatt, a long time vocal critic of the program, last week introduced   a resolution and ordinance amendment before the council to remove the school zone speed cameras by September. His ordinance amendment  also calls for changing the  school zone speed limit  from 15 to 20 miles per hour and  for replacing the cameras with radar speed signs and flashing beacons, as well as   installing speed bumps as less   punitive measures for citizens yet still protecting the children.  

The measure now goes to Mayor Brown  for approval or veto.

If the mayor, who  is a staunch supporter of the cameras, should veto the measure, it will go back to the council. Council Member Wyatt said he is confident that  the six members  who  voted to get rid of the program ,will stand by their decision, which will give them enough  votes to override the mayor’s veto