Buffalo Community Pushes for Justice for Tiara!

pictured:Pastor Newkirk of GYC Ministries  (left front)  and the Community Action Coalition of WNY stand with family, friends and supporters calling for justice in the murder of Tiara Lott. Street Legacy Photo by Darwin Adams

After 22-year-old Tiara Lott  went missing in January,  Rev. Timothy Newkirk of GYC Ministries  and the Community Action Coalition of WNY formed a search   party to try to help find her.

A few weeks later her body was  discovered along some train tracks in East Buffalo.

Her killer has yet to be apprehended.

Most recently Pastor Newkirk and the coalition became involved with Tiara’s case once again.

This time they pulled together a press conference in Shaffer Village housing   development in Riverside and along with Tiara’s family,    passed out information and  Crimestoppers WNY flyers of the man – Andre Whigham – who  police want for questioning . The family said he was the last person she was seen with .

The press conference was in  that particular neighborhood explained  Pastor Newkirk, because that was the most recent area he was reportedly seen.

They are pushing   authorities and the public to do all they can  to assist in bringing her killer to justice.

Chanting “Justice for Tiara Lott! See something! Say something!”  The group held signs depicting Tiara  as well as posters of the crime Stoppers initiative offering up to $2,500 for information leading to   the whereabouts of  Whigham who police describe as “a person of interest.”                                                                                  

Their  efforts produced  a lot of good leads reported Pastor Newkirk.  

“The response in the community was overwhelming,”  he said. He also noted that they are calling  on Crime Stoppers to increase the reward on Whigham “to initiate more interest.”

Newkirk  also wondered aloud why the police had not issued a  warrant for his arrest.

“A warrant  would help bring him to justice,’”   said Newkirk. “This was not some miscellaneous crime or an accidental death.  It was a homicide…Her body was left on the tracks!”

If anyone has any information that can help police, they’re asked to reach out to authorities  or  contact the Community Action Coalition hotline at 716-770-9093.