Beaty Says Chauvin Verdict is Good for Police, Good for America Erie County Sheriff Candidate Applauds Jury Decision

Kimberly Beaty, candidate for Erie County Sheriff, expressed support for the guilty verdict reached by the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial. 

Chauvin is the disgraced police officer who slowly murdered George Floyd by kneeling on the man’s neck for more than nine-minutes while he was handcuffed.  

“As a former police officer, a mother, and a sister to Black men, that video was hard to watch,” said Kimberly Beaty. Beaty is the former Deputy Commissioner of the Buffalo Police Department and a long-time champion of community policing. She is also a contender for Erie County Sheriff. “Justice for people of color has been a long time coming and I hope this verdict delivers the accountability we need to begin healing.”

This case was followed particularly closely in Erie County because of long-term abuse at the county holding center. “It was also hard to watch as a life-long resident of Erie County because 32 people have died from abuse, neglect, and mistreatment in our county holding center. I am running for Erie County Sheriff because we all deserve police who believe that dignity, respect, and fairness are at the heart of law enforcement, not at odds with it.” 

Beaty facilitates the Law Enforcement and Diversity Training program on “What to do when stopped by the Police” and has worked with United Neighborhoods and the University of Buffalo on the “Strategies to Reduce Racial Profiling: Buffalo New York Study Circles Project” funded by the Department of Justice COPS Office.