Woman-Dominated: Buffalo’s PAUSA Supper Club Is Building Its Legacy

by Dana Elise

In ways both literal and figurative, women have ceaselessly carried the burden and changed the game. For Women’s History Month-thirty-one odd days designated to celebrate and commemorate the achievements and legacies established by women I am reminded of the late, great Tupac Shakur:

“We all came from a woman

Got our name from a woman

and our game from a woman”

This month, the game changers and legacy- builders slated to perform at Pausa Supper Club are Lázara Martinez and Curtis Lovell.

PAUSA, the award-winning supper club, is no stranger to showcasing the radiance of womanhood. For nearly ten years, founding owner Lázara Martinez has fashioned an arts and live music-savvy niche establishment for lovers of fine wine, beer, and world-class cuisine.

Even as a professional violinist, boasting a top-tier classical music education, Martinez finds herself harnessing the power of women. Lázara’s mother, with a collection of female family members and friends, used weekly social gatherings as informal compulsory music sets where young Lázara would play song after song. In doing these impromptu weekly mini-shows, her budding talent was lovingly cultivated, encouraged, and supported.

As she recalls the cultural influence of her rich Afro-Cuban heritage, she paints a picture of subliminal skill-building, womanly pride and communal camaraderie. Lázara, with her trademark violin, vocal, and loops, takes to the stage with David Phillips on percussion as “Havana Loops,” Friday, March 5, 2021 at 7:00 pm. Wine connoisseurs and casual sippers welcome. Buffa-loving risk takers? Feel free to request the “Genny Flute.”

On Saturday, March 20, 2021, just about a week shy of month’s end, Pausa will also welcome the creative genius of the Curtis Lovell Band. Piloting a glorious array of fresh, original music as only she knows how, Afrofuturistic mudwoman Lovell prepares to take the stage at the Allentown supper club for the first time since the pandemic has hit. As bandleader and lead vocalist, Lovell does her thing, bringing with her a relentlessly fierce sonorous energy; one carefully seeded and tended to by her legendary mother, Ms. Lorna Hill.

Hill, the mastermind at the helm of the Ujima Theater Company, was committed to theater as a multi-sensory experience. She instilled in her children the importance of family in continuing to cultivate such a rich legacy of performance. Curtis met the “arts” charge at a young age, singing and acting from coast to coast, and is now able to effortlessly meld powerful lyricism with perfect pitch. To put it frankly, this woman can blow!

Lovell’s vocals and loops promise dynamic interplay with Walter Kemp 3 on piano, Rishon Odel on bass, and David Jonathan on drums. Music starts at 7:00 pm and capacity is limited. Please reserve seats early, and prepare to be transported. Go to www.pausaarthouse.com for tickets.