ROC Freedom Responds to Daniel Prude Decision

On behalf of ROC Freedom Riders, a local group of bicyclists amplifying the messages of the movement for racial justice and equity, co-founders Rashad J. Smith and Devin  M. Anglin  offer the following  response to the grand jury decision in the case of Daniel Prude:

“Daniel Prude was a Black man who simply needed help. Instead, he was murdered by the local agency we depend on to protect us. Unfortunately, we are not surprised that the systems existing in America continue to work against Black people for the umpteenth time. Black people in America disproportionately have negative, life-changing interactions with cops that too often turn fatal. This is enough to simply understand why complete police reform is necessary.  Our hearts are with Joe Prude and the Prude family. Our anger must be redirected towards what is a tiring, exhausted and seems like a never-ending fight for justice and equity. ”