Rise Up Right Highlights In Sports

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Buffalo Bills News 

The Buffalo Bills offseason are becoming more interesting to watch as Brandon Beane has made some quiet but impactful moves over the last week or so. The Bills general manager has had to make some moves that have Bills Mafia excited to see what’s next and a few moves that stunned some others. One of those impactful but stunning moves was the release of John Brown. This move came to pass for multiple reasons. The biggest reasons were because of the drop in salary for every NFL team to 182.5 million this year and because John “Smoke” Brown is turning 32 and has been injury-prone. The bills would have taken a 9 million dollar cap hit if they kept Brown. The decision was tough but had to be made based on all of the unfortunate circumstances. The Bills did make some moves that pleased the majority of Buffalo Bills fans as they signed Matt Milano to a 4 year 41.5 million-dollar contract with a 7 million dollar signing bonus and 20 million of that guaranteed when he signed the contract. Matt Milano will have to get better with his tackling abilities especially against the run. The bills also signed linebacker Andre Smith, offensive tackle Daryl Williams and offensive guard Jon Feliciano whose extension is worth up to 17 million over the next three seasons. March Madness is starting early with the Bills offseason moves. For more Buffalo Bills news keep reading the best challenger sports articles here with Rise Up Right!

Buffalo Sabres News 

The Sabres may be in for more serious letdowns as Jack Eichel’s latest injury may be a season ending injury. This injury comes at the worst time as the Sabres captain and his team are trying to bounce back from their season woes. The Sabres have now lost 10 games in a row after the Penguins shut them out 3-0 Saturday night. The Sabres have six wins in 26 games played this season. As it stands currently, the Sabres are the worst team in the NHL. There is a lot of noise being made about the Sabres management. There were rumors just a couple weeks ago about the Sabres possibly being sold. What are the Sabres going to do? Kevyn Adams and Ralph Krueger have some questions that need to be answered.

In Other Sports News 

Maia Chaka becomes the first Back female official in the NFL and the second overall female official for the league. Maia was actually an XFL football official before coming to the NFL. She also was a health and physical education teacher at Renaissance Academy in Virginia Beach since 2006. From the many reports, she also has been a phenomenal leader in the community and for her family. Maia Chaka, welcome to history where legends are made. Myself and the many of football watchers can’t wait to see you on Sundays and any other day that you will be officiating. CONGRATULATIONS……

Rise Up Right Sports and Community Awards

The time has come where the Rise Up Right Sports and  Community Awards have to be presented. 

The winners of the 1st annual awards are David and Angelita Allen-Bellamy, Pat Freeman, Muki Hawkins, Dominique Calhoun, and Tawan Slaughter. 

Next week, the explanations for these winners will give you a clear view of what these phenomenal people have done in the city of Buffalo. 

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