My Personal Experience With COVID-19

by Sherry Sherrill

At some point in early March 2021, I came in contact with the dreaded COVID-19 Virus. 

I had faithfully worn my masks, washed my hands, used hand sanitizer, participated in PPE Giveaways, and even worn latex gloves from time to time. Yet I still contracted COVID-19. I had to quarantine in my home for 10 days. I am well on the road to recovery at this point in time, but I wanted to share my COVID-19 experience with others who have not contracted the virus. Besides, there are still plenty of naysayers who  are resistant to wearing masks, and respecting social distancing guidelines. There are plenty of reckless folk  who are literally playing haphazardly with  their very lives. 

I was fortunate to have only contracted a relatively mild version of the COVID-19 Virus, yet I was still very sick. I have never been so sick in my life, in fact. Each and every day, and every night, for those 10 days I was ill, I prayed to God that I would not have to enter into the hospital. I lost my appetite, and my sense of taste. Everything, and I mean every kind of food I tried to eat for 10 days, tasted like it was doused in Morton’s salt. Even the air I breathed smelled bad. I also had a consistent fever, and I had to take my temperature incessantly. I feared that I would have to enter the hospital if my temperature reached 100 degrees. I have never been so miserable, in my entire life. 

The COVID-19 Virus eventually ran its course, but to help me during my recovery I ended   up having to take Alka Seltzer Plus Severe Cold And Flu, and Extra Strength Tylenol: Adult. At present, I have been disinfecting my home, in hopes that the COVID-19 Virus is eradicated from my place of residence permanently. The air I breathe smells good, again. In April, I will be taking the COVID-19 vaccination. I hope this means I will not contract COVID-19, again. I urge my fellow community members to do likewise.