Latonya Close: Teacher of the Year

Latonya  Close, formerly  of  Buffalo,    both  a  Riverside  High  School  graduate  (l988)  and  University of  Buffalo (1993) , has been named   Charlotte –Mecklenburg  Schools Teacher of  the  Year in   Charlotte,  North Carolina.    

Latonya  is  an  exceptional  education  teacher  at  Newell  Elementary  School, Charlotte.     

She is the   recipient   of  the   2017   MeckEd  Teacher  of  Excellence  Paul   Jackson  award and    has  a  wealth  of  experience  in  both  careers  as  a  teacher  and  varied  specialist.    

She  is  the  niece  of   Rhonda   Butler of Buffalo and   the mother  of  Jerica  Pope  in  Glen  Burnie,  Maryland.

Latonya  has  resided  in  Charlotte  since  the  1990’s   and  has a host   of  friends  in  Buffalo.

Latonya’s  comment:    I love  seeing  students  get excited  about  their  learning  and  the  progress they  are  making.”

Congratulations Latonya!